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What Clients Are Saying

Tina Hunter is a powerful force as a professional coach! Her direct, curious, and thoughtful approach positions her head and shoulders above many of her peers. Tina’s coaching presence is unique--she has a compelling way of being that puts her clients at ease and challenges them to soar. Anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to partner with Tina as their coach will no doubt achieve the change that they seek and the transformation that they desire.
Chariti Gent, MA, CPCC, MCC
Director and Lead Faculty Associate, UW Madison Certified Professional Coaching (UWCPC) Program

Tina’s coaching gets right to the heart of the matter. She is both kind and purposeful; gentle and active. She creates a non-judgmental space where you can take a clear look at the issue, and she is adept at helping you hold yourself accountable to your own progress and learning. Highly recommended!
Keith H., Educator, Austin TX

Tina possesses all the qualities that make a great coach. She immediately makes you feel at ease with her friendly and caring demeanor. She listens intently and makes you feel very important making it easy to open up to her. Her unique ability to make you speak, think, and reflect and having yourself realize the answers and solutions you are seeking is key in making real meaningful progress. Tina’s coaching approach and process is filled with self-reflection and deep, honest internal and external dialog that helps identify and recognize barriers. I always leave my sessions with Tina feeling more calm, energized and ready to face whatever comes next. Tina is the real deal and someone you can always trust and rely on to help you find the answers you are seeking. I highly recommend Tina! Hire her! 
Anne S., Seattle, WA

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